Bed Bug Services and Treatments

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Bed Bug Services and Treatments

Bed bugs are small nocturnal insects that feed on blood. Due to their small size and highly skillful hiding ability, it is nearly impossible to catch a sight of them. Despite being a common infestation, a majority of people are not even aware of what these parasites look like!

Identify the bugs

These bugs are five to six millimeter in size. They have oval shaped bodies with six legs and a pair of antennae. They do not have a set of wings. They are reddish brown in color. The eggs of a bug hatch within six to ten days. After hatching, the nymph needs a heavy dosage of blood consistently for its healthy growth. They reach their maturity within four to five weeks. If feeding well, they can reach to a ten millimeter. Bed bugs lay eggs in every three to four months. So if untreated, there can be many bed bugs in your house within no time.

Most people avoid the symptoms of bed bugs thinking they only dwell in dirty, smelly or swampy places. Bed bugs can make their homes in the most hygienic homes as long as they can feed on a person. Contact us for a free bed bug inspection today If you observe the following symptoms around your home:

  • Bite marks – The bite marks turn to a reddish spot and are visible almost clearly after the bite. These spots can give a little irritation, depending on the sensitivity of the person and last up to a week or so. Bed bugs can feed on any part of the body. But they generally target the exposed areas like:




                      Hands and feet






                      Arms and legs


  • Painful and burning sensation.


  • Small red bumps across the body.


  • Reddish blisters.


  • Red blood spots on the bed sheets or pillows.


  • Brown exoskeletons of the bugs. The bugs shed skin as they grow and often shed their skin on the bed or anywhere they feed.


Serious symptoms due to bug bites:


  • Having difficulty while breathing.


  • Swollen tongue.


  • Nausea or vomiting.


  • Irregular heart rate.


  • Infections.


  • Loss of sleep.

Inspection and treatment

Bed bugs often go unnoticed. Being small in size, they generally remain unnoticed. Even if we find them, it is difficult to catch them or killing them through our home remedies. The home remedies often fail to provide a solution. Call us for a free inspection of your house to verify if there are bedbugs or no.

How do Our Professionals find the bugs?

Eradication of bed bugs involves the three steps listed below:

In the first visit, our team examines and inspects the house to look for signs to prove the existence of the bugs. On finding them, they begin their search for the bugs and their hiding places.

The second visit involves the eradication of the bugs. Special techniques and programs are implemented for the removal of bugs. It is made sure that no trace of the bugs is left behind.

In some cases, the bugs can again come back to the house. So the third visit in the program involves follow up visits to make sure the house remains pest-free.

Specialized Programs to eradicate Bedbugs

We specialize in reviewing and recommending you multiple solutions to suit your need and affordability to bring your bed bug problem under control. Our Exterminator specialists will provide you the best and the latest treatment options to remove bed bugs from your place.

In our treatment process, we use trained bed bug dogs to detect the bugs and locate their hiding places.


  • Heat Treatment Option – This is one of the most effective treatments for bed bugs. No use of chemicals is required in this process. The bugs cannot survive in immense heat. So portable heaters are used to create a very high temperature, around 120 Fahrenheit which kills all the bugs when exposed to such heat for around 3 hours.



  • Freezing and Low Temperatures – Bed bugs can survive at a moderate temperature. Immense heat or cold kills them. So just like the heat treatment, the cold one is used too. It is more convenient and cheaper. People owning a bug freezer can perform the treatment themselves too.

Fumigation Methods – This is not a very popular technique used. In this process, gaseous materials are placed inside the fumigation space and used to kill the bugs by exposing them for a long period.

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