Bed Bug Services

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Bed Bug Services

Due to the large spread of bugs, Bed Bug Services are in demand and this business is flourishing. Bed bugs are small red brown colored insects. These nocturnal creatures feed on blood. They are of a relatively small size and are very skillful in hiding. This ability helps them to stay unnoticed. In spite of being a common infestation, there are many people who do not even know how the bed bugs look like! It is very essential to be aware of what these bugs look like and about the signs and symptoms of their infestation at your home.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are oval shaped nocturnal pests and are approximately five to six millimeter in size in their early stage. Their body swells up after taking blood and their size readily increases. Bed bugs have six legs and two antennae. They do not have wings and so they cannot fly. They are reddish brown in color because they feed on blood. The blood gives them a reddish appearance.

The eggs of a bed bug hatch in around six to ten days. Soon after they hatch, the small bugs require a heavy and consistence dosage of blood for their healthy growth. They mature in around a month. If they get to feed on blood regularly, they can reach to a ten millimeter. Bed bugs lay eggs three to four times a year. So if not removed, your house may soon have many bed bugs within no time. We Know How to Help. Call us to get rid of these pathogens. Bed bug services are needed for the ultimate solution.


Bed Bug Bites

Bed bug bites cause red bumps around the skin that can be really itchy. They often occur in a line across the skin leaving the skin irritated. The bugs usually bite on the exposed body parts.  In severe cases, the bites can turn to bad rashes or fluid-filled blisters with swollen up skin.

The bites fade n their own within a few days but can be pretty bad on the sensitive skin. In that case, the person is suggested to use some mild steroid cream on the affected areas.

Small blood spots found on the bed sheets and pillow cover clearly indicate bed bug bites. These bugs mostly bite around the exposed parts of the body like hands, feet, legs, neck, arms, and shoulders. These bugs mostly feed on their prey at night. These bugs mostly live and feed in groups.

Bed Bug Services

The first step is for you to call us for a free inspection and visit your affected place. As soon as we get the complaint, a visit to your house is scheduled.  Our bed bug service consists of a three-step plan. In the first step, our professionals come and inspect your house to check for hiding places and density of bugs present. In the second step, the team uses professional techniques and devices to eradicate the bugs. In the third step, follow up visits are made to make sure the bugs do not come back.

Bed Bugs Sprays

Although Bed Bug services are the best and the convenient way to get rid of the bugs, some people prefer getting rid of them on their own. There are many sprays available in the market that effectively kill the bed bugs. But they only provide the permanent solution. Aerosol Sprays are used to treat the bed bugs. They are odorless and leave behind no stain on the furniture or floor. These sprays kill the bugs as soon as sprayed on them.

What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs?

A flower called chrysanthemum flowers is used to derive the chemical called Pyrethrin. This chemical brings the bugs out of their hiding places and kills them. But they prove to be just a temporary help. Contact us to Book your spot for a free inspection and affordable Bed bug Service.


Get Estimate of  Bed Bug Extermination Cost for your house

 Are bedbugs troubling you? Call us for a free estimate of Bed Bug Extermination cost after we inspect your house. If you have doubts that your house is a home to bed bugs, the first step would be looking for the signs and traces to make sure of the bugs. Although not being pure of nocturnal nature, these bugs prefer attacking at night when there’s no motion. These pests prefer hiding at a dark place to stay out of sight. They chose a warm and cozy place to hide and stay comfortable.

Bed Bug Extermination Cost

The exact Bed Bug Extermination Cost depends upon the area of the house to be treated and the type of treatment used. As soon as you find even a single bug, give us a call so we can take care of the rest. We will give an approximate of the Bed Bug Extermination cost after we inspect your house. Most companies have charges for visiting and consulting. After the visit, we give you an approximate for Bed Bug Extermination cost. But we do it for free. Even if you do not wish to choose our company for Bed bug removal, we still visit for free. 

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs mostly attack during the night. They bite on the exposed areas such as hands, legs, feet, arms, neck, etc. A cluster of red spots appears on the body after the bugs bite. For people with sensitive skin, they may turn to severe rashes or blisters. The bugs do not transmit any disease to humans. As soon as you notice any of such scars or traces on your body, book a free scheduled visit of our best Professional Exterminators to you place with an approximate Bed Bug Extermination cost for your whole house.

Find the Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs get alert in the light. So the best way to find them is to turn the lights off, put the curtains down and look for them with a flashlight. The first place to look for the bugs should be under the mattress. Wooden furniture, drawers, tables, etc around the bed are most prone to be attacked by these bugs. They may also be hiding under the carpets or doormats. These bed bugs carefully examine a place before residing in them. They look for places that are not touched by humans very often. They have the least risk of getting caught in such places. There may also be small eggs of the bugs found around such places.

Professional Help for bed bugsBed Bug Treatment Options

  • Heat Treatment– Heat treatment has proven to be the most effective to eliminate bed bugs. A Pest Management Professional has a vital role to play in this process. Types of equipment specially designed to kill the bugs are used in this process. Special heaters are used to raise the whole temperature of the room to a specific, very high temperature where the bugs die. It takes approximately 90 minutes for the bugs and their eggs to die. The temperature of the room is set up to approximately 118°F for around 90 minutes. This temperature is then maintained for six to eight hours and within this time, the bugs and their eggs die due to excessive heat. There is no guarantee of pests not coming again after this treatment.
  • Insecticide treatment- Even though insecticides should not be used in the houses, our company uses special sprays that cause no damage to your house, health, and your pets.

We will provide you the best and most convenient help. We are a call away! Call us to know more about our Treatment processes and Bed Bug Extermination Cost for your house.

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