Bed Bug Treatment Cost and Procedure

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Bed Bug Treatment Cost and Procedure

Bed Bug treatment Cost varies from the type of treatment to be used and the area to which the treatment is to be applied.  The cost is generally set up per square feet and then calculated as per the requirement. The lesser the infestation is the lesser would be the cost.

Bed Bug Treatment Cost

A trained professional from the team of extermination makes a visit after you inform us about the pests. He then analyses the house and presents the treatment programs best suited for you. With that, a rough Bed Bug Treatment Cost is given to you.  We do not charge any amount for the visit and inspection of the house.

Identify Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small nocturnal pests of around seven millimeters. They are six legs and a set of small antennae. They survive in moderate temperatures.  Hiding under the mattress of the bed is their favorite hiding place. It is of deep red color due to the presence of blood. The bugs have no wings and thus can only crawl. While sucking the blood, it gets so engrossed in it, its color changes to brownish red color as the blood is being digested.  

Bed Bug Bites

The bed bug bites are painless. The bites remain unnoticed. The bites turn to a red itchy rash after a few hours and that is when they are noticed. The bites are often in a cluster or in a zig-zag way. They somewhat resemble the mosquito bites. The bugs transmit no diseases from one human to another. The bites eventually heal up themselves within a day or two. If it gets worse, apply some mild ointment to heal faster. Common symptoms of bed bites include:

  • Redness or swollen skin.


  • Rash around the parts exposed during sleep.


  • Blisters


  • Appear on the parts of the body that are exposed during sleeping.


  • Spots are generally itchy or leave the skin irritated in high temperatures.

How to get rid of bed bugs

The bugs reside in a place that is not disturbed for a long time. Frequently vacuuming makes the bed an unfit place for the bugs. After vacuuming, the vacuum should be properly cleaned. Bed bugs stay far away from scented oils such as castor oil, orange oil, vinegar, etc. The scents of such oils repel the bugs for a long time. Apply the oils a little on your wooden furniture and articles if you are repeatedly facing the problem of bed bugs. If you just have one or two-bed bugs or if the damage isn’t much, treat the affected areas with such oils to kill the bugs.

Get Professional help

Give us a call the minute you see traces of bed bugs. These bugs multiply in no time. So it is essential to eradicate them as soon as you know about their existence. The first step would be your call to us telling about your issue. Then we make a free visit and inspection of your house. The exterminators examine the house seeing traces of bug. This helps them analyze the best treatment option for you. An estimate of the Bed Bug treatment cost if given. Then in the third steps, the bugs are eradicated. It is made sure that no trace of the bugs is left behind. Articles and wooden furniture which are excessively damaged are to be disposed off carefully. Free visit is made afterward to ensure the bugs have not come back.

How do professionals work?

The bugs are excellent at hiding and keeping them untraceable. As soon as they get aware that the steps are being taken to eradicate them, they get more alert and hide in the smallest cracks and places in the house. Eradicating the bugs from every corner of the house and making sure the house is pest-free is a very tough job. Well, because they’re tenacious…and unfortunately resistant to a lot of pesticides.The exterminators have specialized devices to carry out the treatment. Trained dogs are also used in the inspections who are experts at sniffing out the eggs of the bugs even from the smallest places in the house or outside.

Every company has different Bed Bug Treatment Costs. Thus the quality of work done too varies. But we ensure to provide the best facility with the most negotiable prices.

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