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Bed bug infestation is an ordinary dilemma faced by the majority of the US population. They reside in a place and feed on their host. The first step towards bug elimination would be calling us.

Bed Bug Control Service

Bed bugs multiply very quickly. Their infestation can lead to many psychological and health risks. Although they do not transmit any disease to humans, the bug bites can be pretty uncomforting and cause harsh rashes and skin infections. It is crucial to get rid of bugs as soon as you get aware of their existence around you. Call us and leave the rest to our professionals who will eradicate all bugs from your place.

Our Inspection & Treatment Service for Active Infestations

Soon after receiving your call, we book an appointment for inspection of your place to the nearest date possible. With ample experience, our exterminators know exactly where to look for bug infestations. Using specialized tools and technologies, it is made sure that no bug remains undetected. After complete and thorough inspection, the next step is the elimination of drugs. There are scheduled monitoring and follow-ups by our team to ensure no future infestation takes place.

Ongoing Bed Bug Detection Service

Many times, people remain unaware of having bed bug infestation. It is advised to look for signs and contact us for professional help. We offer a free inspection of your complete house. Our team makes sure to eradicate all the bugs from your place leaving behind no sign of them around you. We offer a three-step procedure that will free your house from all bug infestations.

Step 1 – Inspection

Soon after receiving your call stating your bug-trouble, we schedule a visit of our well trained professional exterminators to your place.  It’s hard to investigate for bugs with the naked eye. The bugs are experts are remaining unnoticed and hiding in untraceable places. We have our team that’s one step ahead. Our experts know exactly where to find the bugs. Specially trained sniffing dogs are used that trace the eggs and nymphs of the bugs. It is made sure to locate all the infestations in the house.


Step2- Implementation

After inspection of the house, our team gets to the real work in the next visit. Analyzing your whole situation, we will provide you with the best treatment suited for you. The common treatments offered are listed below:


Heat Treatment

This is the most common bug elimination treatment. In this, the temperature of the affected area is increased to 120°F where the bugs melt off and die.

Insecticide Treatment

Environment-friendly insecticides are sprayed to kill the bugs from the affected areas. These insecticides have no harm to the health of humans or animals.

Step 3- Monitoring

After the elimination process, our teams keep a check and monitors your house to ensure no bugs are left.

Why to choose our service?

Elimination of bed bugs is the only solution to get rid of them. On contacting us, we make a formulated plan from inspection to complete monitoring of the house post the treatment. Our team offers guaranteed service and free repetition of the treatment if the infestation occurs during the monitoring period.

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