Get rid of Bed Bugs- Inspection and Help

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Get rid of Bed Bugs- Inspection and Help

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. These bugs may vary in color but are generally brownish or reddish. The bugs are initially of the size of an apple seed but by feeding, their body swells up and turn to pure reddish color. They have no wings and so can only move on floors, walls and even the ceiling of the place. Once fully grown, they lay eggs three or four times a year. These bugs transmit no disease to humans or animals.

Where do these Bed Bugs come from?

There’s a common myth that bed bugs are attracted to dirty, smelly and filthy places. But it’s just a myth! Bed bugs can loiter anywhere, irrespective of the sanitation of the place. They will stay in the place till the time they find a host to feed on. Unhealthy environment adds to their pleasure as they find a place where the humans hardly get their hands on. In case you doubt having those creepy bloodsucking moths roaming around in your house, call for a free pest control inspection. We provide a free inspection of your complete house and furniture with the best and affordable possible help for your problems.


Inspection and Help

Bed bugs often go unnoticed by the naked eye. Due to their small size, it’s difficult to trace or locate them. Even if we find them, catching them or killing them by home remedies is difficult. The home remedies often go ineffective. In such a situation call us for professional assistance.


Bed Bug Detection and Termite Inspection Services Available

A normal bug takes a month to turn into a fully grown. Once fully grown, they multiply at least three times a year, laying several eggs at a time. It is very important to detect and eliminate them before they multiply and spread all around the house. The Bed Bug Detection Service that we provide finds the cause of the bugs, inspects them and finally completely eliminated them. Special attention is paid that these bugs do not leap in from the same or any other source and find their way back in the house.

Step 1-  Inspection

It may be difficult to figure out if you have bugs. Due to their small size, they creep in small cracks and tiniest hiding places. This is the basic reason the remain undetected for a long time. However, the bugs unintentionally leave brownish spots of their dried out excrement on the bed.
On the first visit, the team analyzed the house, noticing and marking places where bugs are found or where traces of bugs are available.

Step 2-  Elimination of the bugs

On the second visit, our termite inspection team comes to action. A specialized plan is formulated, depending on the size, furniture and location of the house. This plan is provided at the most convenient time and affordable cost.

Step 3-  Monitoring

Once eradicated, there still is a possibility that the bugs can find their way back to the host. We ensure follow-up checks and visits to make sure our customers do not face the problem.

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