How to get rid of stink bugs?

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How to get rid of stink bugs?

Domestic pests are not a new term in our daily life. There are several pests that we come across from time to time. But how to get rid of stink bugs?  We generally take a tissue and squish the bugs or simply kill them any other way. But having a bad odor filled inside the room is the time when you realize you’ve killed a stink bud. These creepy pests are big green and brown bugs and are often found crawling on the walls or flying around the house. Call on our toll-free to get rid of these bugs.

To avoid the disgusting odor, people generally avoid killing them and decide to use a vacuum cleaner instead to get rid of them. But these bugs can leave behind their odor in the vacuum cleaner too.

Stink bugs have many variant species. Some of them invade our houses in the summer and some in winter around the fall. They invade our houses for a warm environment around. Thus their favorite hiding spots are attics, crawl spaces and inside of the walls.

Frequent and periodic inspection of the house can prevent your house from these bugs. No cracks and torn screens should be left untreated on the doors and windows. Torn screens in the attics or crawl spaces should be fixed. Such small spaces act as a passage of the bugs inside your house.

Once you have a stick bug infestation, it is likely to face the same problem in the next fall. So in that case, it is best to contact a pest control service and get professional help. Contact us for a free inspection today!


Do stink bugs bite?
Different species of stink bugs have different characteristics and size. In the US, the commonly found stink bugs are 2cm long. Stink bugs prefer feeding on plants, vegetables, and fruits. They pierce their mouthparts to pierce inside the vegetable or fruits and suck the juices from them. Their feeding pattern is much similar to that of the mosquito, the only difference being that they do not feed on blood.

It is unlikely for a stink bug to bite a human. The only case in which a stink bug would bite a human is for self-defense. It is suggested to not mishandle this bug else it is a possibility it would attack and bite.

Do stink bugs stink?

Their name defines them clearly. Yes, stink bugs stink! They produce an extremely unpleasant odor that can stay for quite a long time. These bugs emit a strong dissuade odor from their body glands. They do not stink all the time. The only time they’ll emit this odor is when they feel threatened or will be injured.


Stink Bug Traps

Catching these bugs is not an easy job. They can fly and have the strong responding ability and are always alert. Sticky traps are the most common method used to catch these bugs. You need to set multiple such traps so that the bugs get caught in it.

More than catching them, it is convenient to take measures to avoid their entry to your house. Caulking is an effective way to seal the cracks in the doors and windows. Weather stripping is a simple and easy way to seal the gaps under exterior doors.


Stink bugs and Cedar Sprays

Cedar is the most successful and commonly used insect repellent. It has been used for many years now. There are homes where proper cedar closets are build up as a measure to keep the pests and insects away. Cedar blocks and hangers are also used inside the houses to keep the moths safe from the clothes.

The secret in these cedar repellents is the cedar oil present in them. Cedar oil is proven to repel insects, moths and some pests. But the only drawback is that the Cedar methods only work in enclosed spaces such as closets and drawers where their scent can be contained.


Stink bugs and citrus

Stink bugs feed on fruits and vegetables. In that too, they have a selective taste. The stink bugs prefer citrus fruits. They generally attack Satsuma and oranges. Despite being a citrus fruit, they never feed on grapefruit. On scientific study, it was found that it is due to the thick rind of the grapefruit that the stink bugs avoid feeding on them.

Stink bugs in Gardens

Stink bugs feed on plants and thus a garden is a place they spend a lot of time at. They use the ditches and fence lined in the garden to hide during the winter season. These bugs are most active in the spring season. They often feed on weed and thistles too. By removing the excessive cardboards, spare boxes and clutters, you can easily control the stink bug infestation in your garden. Weeds and grass should be trimmed periodically. Following these basic steps may make your place safer from the stink bug infestation.

The simple answer to the question of How to get rid of stink bugs is to get professional help! Call us for the best exterminator treatment and get rid of these stinky stink bugs!

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