Know about the cost of bed bug removal and the treatment procedures.

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Know about the cost of bed bug removal and the treatment procedures.

The Cost for Bed Bug Removal varies as per the treatment you chose and the area to be covered.  We promise the ultimate solution that will help eliminate the bugs forever. We aim at making your house completely bug-free so you can sleep in peace. In order to save a couple of bucks, people often change their bedding and mattress to end the problem of bed bugs. But if not treated, bugs will find their way to the new furniture too. Calling us and Hiring a for help will not only save money and time but also the inconvenience that it causes you.

Cost for Bed Bug Removal

Almost 70% of the population is facing the problems by bed bugs. It is essential to get rid of the bugs before the situation gets even worse. The bugs do not go on their own. They reside in a place and make it their habitat. Once you inform us about your issue, we take full responsibility to provide a solution. Understanding that the expense could be high for some, we first inspect the house and give you the basic cost for Bed Bug Removal. Our assurance that you will be getting a perfect solution.

The menace that the Bed Bugs can Cause

Bed bugs after multiplying quickly spread to the surrounding areas. Vacating the room and furniture with the bugs is no solution here. Many people even remain unaware that they have bed bugs around their house. Give us a call for a free inspection of your complete house. Bed Bugs can spread to the adjoining rooms and even neighborhood soon. We are there to prevent you from such a situation. Our Cost of Bed Bug Removal is lower than that offered by most others. Do not believe the misconception that you’ll have to throw off all your furniture away. We try our best to treat the damaged furniture and save your assets.

Home remedies to kill bed bugs

Bed bugs can be repelled by strong, high fragranced essential oils. You should vacuum your beddings frequently and carefully but this is not the final solution. The bugs will find another place or piece of furniture to hide. They need to be eradicated to put an end to the problem. Bed Bugs, in the initial stages, can be treated for a temporary time. You need to give us a call to get professional help for the complete solution to it. Treating the affected areas with the products given below calms the bugs down temporarily:

  • Vinegar.
  • Diatomaceous Earth.
  • Soda Bicarbonate.
  • Essential Oils such as Tea Tree Oil, Orange Oil, Olive Oil, etc.
  • Borax
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Bed Bug Treatment

Professional Treatment for the bed bugs consists of four simple steps briefed below:

Step 1 – Your call to us!

You need to inform us about your trouble and we will make the earliest visit to your house for further procedures.

Step 2– Inspection.

Our professional exterminators visit and inspect your house. These professionals know well where to look for the bugs. They mark all the places where bugs are found or even has traces of them. After this, the cost of Bed Bug Removal is given to you that fits your pocket and also gives a solution.

Step 3– Elimination.

After you decide the treatment for you, the process of elimination is started. Specialized pieces of equipment are used to make sure that the bugs are removed from every inch of the house. It is our guarantee that you will find no bug after the successful completion of our treatment.

Step 4– Monitoring.

After the completion of elimination, we send scheduled inspection visits to your place to keep a check that the bugs do not come back again.

Bed Bug treatment Options.

Heat Treatment

The bugs are killed by raising the temperature of the room to a temperature where they melt away. This treatment takes approximately six to eight hours for successful completion.

Insecticide Treatment

Our first preference is always the Heat Treatment. But if the bugs are excessively more and spread to a very large area, Insecticide Treatment is carried out. The pesticides used in our treatment are environment-friendly and cause no damage to the health of humans or animals.

Sniffing Dogs

Specially trained sniffing dogs are used to sniff out the eggs of the bugs. These dogs do not come at a very high cost.

Do not avoid the treatment to escape the Cost of Bed Bug Removal. This can get a lot worse and cause damage to health and sleep also. So call us for help! Even if on the slightest doubt, book a free inspection with us and also know the exact Cost of bed bug removal for your entire place.

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