The effective cure for bed bugs- Seek Professional Help

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The effective cure for bed bugs- Seek Professional Help

Know what they are

Bed bugs are approximate of the size of an apple’s seed. They are oval in shape and turn to reddish color after feeding on blood. These insects feed on both human and animal blood. They have no wings but can still reach up to the ceiling of the room. They grow up to their fully grown stage within a month. A full-grown bug lays eggs around three to four times a week. It is very hard to notice these bugs as they always stay hidden in small cracks or the tiniest hiding places. They generally only come out in the dark or when there is no moment around.

How do the Bed Bugs get in our Homes?

Most people have the general opinion that bed bugs reside only in dirty, smelly and filthy places. This statement is totally wrong. Bed bugs can make anyplace their new house, may it be dirty or clean. The only thing they look for in a place is one or multiple hosts to feed on. The more, the merrier! Unhealthy sanitation is not a necessary but an additional joy to them as they find a place where the humans generally don’t look at. If you doubt on having those creepy bloodsucking bugs residing in your house, contact us immediately for a free pest control inspection. We offer a free inspection of the complete house including outside residential are like lawn or terrace that has furniture with the best and most affordable cure for your problems.

Inspection and treatment

Bed bugs often go unnoticed by the naked eye. Due to their small size, it’s difficult to trace or locate them. Even if we find them, catching them or killing them by home remedies is difficult. The home remedies often go ineffective. In such a situation call us for professional assistance.

Bed Bug Detection Services Available

A normal bug takes a month to turn into a fully grown. Once fully grown, they multiply at least three times a year, laying several eggs at a time. It is very important to detect and eliminate them before they multiply and spread all around the house. The Bed Bug Detection Service that we provide finds the cause of the bugs, inspects them and finally completely eliminated them. Special attention is paid that these bugs do not leap in from the same or any other source and find their way back in the house.

Check for signs if you doubt on having bed bugs

Due to their small size, they often go unnoticed. But they leave behind some signs that prove their existence. Look for the following signs to be sure about their presence:

Bite marks and red itchy spots around the exposed parts of the body.

  • Small blood spots around the bed.
  • Unpleasant odor from the bugs.
  • Bugs often shed their skins. So you may also come across brownish exoskeletons of them around.

Sometimes bugs do not leave behind such traces and hence it is hard to be sure about them. Contact us so our top professionals can help you check for the bugs.

How do Our Professionals find the bugs?

Search and elimination of bed bugs involves the three steps listed below:

  • Inspecting the house in their first visit, the professionals inspect the house and look for signs to prove the existence of the bugs. Once assured, they start the search for places where the bugs could hide. The first visit is all about the search for the bugs.
  • Elimination and removal of bugs are done in the second visit. Our team makes sure they leave behind no trace of bugs and eliminate all of those from your house.
  • In some cases, the bugs often find their way back to the house. We make a few visits after the removal to make sure that your house stays pest-free.
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